Investment Proposal

A company or entrepreneur seeking minimum USD10 Million financial capital for a new business venture or expansion may apply for LaoCann financing by submitting an investment proposal to and to get started. Please include the following preliminary information in the Investment Proposal:

  • Executive Summary

    A brief description of the project.

  • Sponsorship, management & technical assistance

    • History, business and financial information of sponsors.
    • Proposed management arrangements, names and curricula vitae (CV) of managers.
    • Description of technical arrangements and other external assistance such as management,
      production, marketing, finance, etc.
  • Market & Sales

    • Projected production volumes, unit prices, sales objectives, market and market share.
    • Target customers, potential users, and the distribution channels to reach them.
    • Competition: Present sources of supply for products.
    • Future competition and possibility that market may be satisfied by substitute products.
    • Tariff protection or import restrictions affecting products.
    • Critical factors that determine market potential: risks, mitigation and success factors.
  • Technical feasibility studies

    •  Manpower, raw material resources & environmental impact assessments (EIA).
    • Special technical complexities and need for know-how and special skills.
    • Possible suppliers of equipment.
    • Availability of manpower and of infrastructure facilities (transport and communications, power, water, etc.).
    • Operation costs by major categories of expenditures.
    • Source, cost, and quality of raw material supply and relations with support industries.
    • Import restrictions on required raw materials.
    • Proposed plant location in relation to suppliers, markets, infrastructure, and manpower.
    • Proposed plant size in comparison with other known plants.
    • Potential environmental issues and how these issues are addressed.
  • Financials

    • Investment requirements, project financing, and returns.
    • Financial structure, expected sources and terms of equity and debt financing.
    • Type of financing needed (loan, equity, quasi-equity, a combination of financial products, etc.).
    • Financing amount.
    • Projected financial statement, profitability, and return on investment.
    • Critical factors determining profitability
  • Laws and Regulations

    • Government incentives and support available to the project.
    • Economic development and contribution.
    • Government regulations on exchange controls and conditions of capital entry and repatriation.
  • Timeline

    Timetable envisaged for project preparation and completion.